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Eric Gordon Monster Dunk

This Eric Gordon monster dunk is described as “the best dunk of his NBA career”.

Derrick Rose Monster Dunk Vs Knicks

This Derrick Rose monster dunk is said to be “one of the great dunks you will see all year.”

Low-Cost Resources for Learning to Jump Higher

Here are a couple of the latest low-cost resources for learning to jump higher.

Plyometrics & Sport Step Exercises : The One Leg Push Up Drill in Step Exercise

A series of plyometric exercises that require a lot of explosive jumping and coordination using a couple of low platforms.

Plyometrics Training Exercises : Hopping Exercises with a Workout Bench

Kirk Vickers demonstrates an advanced plyometric jumping exercise with the use of a bench.

Plyometrics & Sport Step Exercises : The Flexibility Ball Exercise for Plyometrics Step Training

Unique Anderson demonstrates how to do plyometric push-ups with your feet on an ability ball and hand on a platform. T